Family Dates + Ice-Cream

Recently, things have been a little nutty. (Okay, longer than recently 😜). Hans had just recovered from having surgery with a kidney stone that decided to make its home in his body for 3 MONTHS 😩 on top of trying to get a wheeze all cleared up in Ramsey’s lungs.

So needless to say we were all pretty excited to ALL be healthy and have a little time just the three of us ☺️ There is just something so recharging about enjoying the Spring air with the people you love most, isn’t there? A date complete with riding an electric stationary car + Rams trying ice-cream for the first time was on our agenda.

Self admittedly, we have totally been the stereotypical first time parents that have made all of Ramsey’s food…every.last.puree’. 🀣 And fast food? Never let him touch the stuff. {I’m sure that idiosyncrasy is probably going to be stretched with more babies in the future because holy cow the prep work involved.} So we thought that “tonight is the night! He is going to have sugar and love it and be a face full of ice-cream and it will all be SOOO FUNNY and great!” Hans and I may or may not have even spent the day emailing each other back and forth about it.

Then comes what actually happened…he was less than thrilled. He did somewhat warmed up to it by the end, but overall was much more into watching the people passing us by. πŸ˜‚ Nonetheless, the night was perfect. Not because it lived up to expectation {did I mention we almost didn’t even get the ice-cream because the shop’s water line broke?} But, because I got to take it all in stride with them. What a privilege they are and what a sweet night it ended up to be. {pun intendedπŸ˜‰}



{if you have any other fun family dates ideas, comment below! πŸ‘‡πŸ» We are compiling a list of ideas done on a budget. Would love to hear yours! ☺️}


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