Mother’s Day + Gift Ideas to Bestow Honor

I am a person who LOVES celebrations of all kinds. Birthdays, anniversaries, first day of fall….really anything that helps the everyday feel special and the people you love most feel special to be the absolute best thing on the planet. Ever since becoming a Mom, however, there is just something about Mother’s Day that shines forth from the rest.

So let me start by saying…all you Mom’s out there- You are complete and total SUPERHEROES. (And trust me if your husband is anything like mine, he and the rest of the world would agree.) The selflessness, dedication, and care (both the things noticed and especially the things for things that go unnoticed) that you put into your families well-being pretty much puts you at rock-star status that cannot ever be compared.
It wasn’t until becoming a Mom that I truly understood all the work that is involved and my respect for my own Mother now daily soars through the roof as I chase my toddler. So, needless to say, that alone makes this holiday one that is pretty much neck-neck with Christmas in my book.

But the question still remains…how do you properly bestow honor and appreciation for the Mother who isn’t that “into” gifts… Below are 10 ideas will hopefully help bring some inspiration and make planning what to do this Mother’s Day a little brighter.


  1. cut out the letters “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” to tape to a wall or the inside of the garage + surrounded it with pictures of you and your siblings growing up over the years. {We did this on the garage wall for my Mom so when we came home from some errands she would be greeted by the surprise pulling. She LOVED it. In fact, it’s still hanging 8+ years later.πŸ˜‚}
  2. take her out for a girl’s day + get her hair done {pamper her up!}
  3. take her to you your local farmer’s market or an orchard nearby for fruit picking + have a picnic with all the family {and grand-kids, if there are any yet πŸ˜‰}
  4. take professional family photos together {it’s rare my Mom ever steps foot in front of a camera, but a friend encouraged me that’s in the end it’s the pictures with her that you will treasure the most. ☺️}
  5. find out what she “least likes to do” around the house and offer to do it for her and/or pay for a service to come in and do it regularly.
  6. SURPRISE HER! With a girl’s trip/family trip to a nearby city.
  7. take her to brunch and per-arrange with the restaurant to have flowers and letters of thankfulness from her children on the table upon arrival.
  8. take a cooking class together. {this will be such a fun activity that will enable you to spend more quality time together beyond Mother’s Day πŸ™Œ}
  9. take her to an Escape Room {We did this and it was SO much fun. We all can’t remember the last time we laughed so much together!}
  10. Lastly, for the Mom who is far away-spontaneously show up at her doorstep. It will mean the world. Trust me.

In the end, the biggest thing you can do for your Mom is to make sure she knows that she is oh so loved + appreciated. So give her a hug and tell her that you’d be lost without her!

My sister {Kayla}, me, and our dear, ROCKSTAR of a Momma


{If you have any other unique Mother’s Day ideas please share! Let’s keep the creative juices flowing…}




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