A Surprise for Our Little Music Lover

To say our little guy adores music would be a vast understatement. Anyone who meets him almost immediately notices and comments on it. We even will get texts from his teachers at school. All pointing to one thing…this boy and his love for music runs deep. From even before he could squeal to make a joyful noise alongside Daddy’s guitar, his eyes would grow BIG with each strum played. If he ever was occupied with a toy and a melody would come on?…he would drop whatever he was doing to shimmy along till it was over. He still is completely captivated and now it’s only grown more exciting as he recognizes certain songs and has “favorites.” Music is something that has completely captured him which led me to an idea to want to capture that wonderful quality in a way that he could keep forever.


The idea came when we were having probably our worst go around with illness. I think it was a day where we ALL were under the weather for various reasons (on Hans + I’s 3rd Anniversary nonetheless.) It’s no secret we have been no stranger to doctor this last year, but this day in-particular I think I was at ER that morning with a lung condition and Hans ended up having to go to the ER that same night because of a kidney stone. On TOP of it, our little boy was ill and on nebulizer + inhaler treatments. I know. It was to an absurd degree how everything over the last year was playing out for us health wise and I was DONE.

…yet determined to see the Lords goodness and in what He was creating this time to be for my family that it sparked a thought…of how I can’t change the illness, but I can change the environment in which my heart reacts to it. I didn’t want this time to be remembered for its yucky-ness or even how rightfully awful it may appear on the outside. It’s been difficult. I won’t lie. Especially seeing our little boy so sick all the time, but what I wanted for our son more than anything was to be comforted among the difficulty. In a way that his heart felt pursued and drawn in with the comfort of his true Father’s Word’s over him. And do it in a medium his heart has understood from the start….music.

So thanks to a very kind friend that has access recording capabilities… we recorded Ramsey his very own CD. A collection of four hymns we hand picked of what we would want Ramsey to know about his Lord Jesus. So he can listen to the truths of God’s Word in the comfort of his Mama + Dada’s voice forever to keep for whenever he needs.

Our hope and prayer is that this stirs worship not only in his young heart now, but also as he continues grow older.

We love you forever, sweet boy.

-Your Mama & Dada


1 thought on “A Surprise for Our Little Music Lover”

  1. Brittany,I sit here weeping as I read this post. You and Hans have touched me in a very deep p!ace with your love and passion for Jesus and for your beyond precious Ramsey.It has been pure joy to snuggle and love Ramsey while you worked and he will never be forgotten by this Grammies heart ever.I love that you have done this for him. What a treasure he will always have. And what a encouragement to all who read this to see that although we walk through trials God can redeem and use them for good. Thank you for sharing your heart.I love you dear Brittany. 💙💜💚💛


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