A Surprise for Our Little Music Lover

To say our little guy adores music would be a vast understatement. Anyone who meets him almost immediately notices and comments on it. We even will get texts from his teachers at school. All pointing to one thing…this boy and his love for music runs deep. From even before he could squeal to make a joyful noise alongside Daddy’s guitar, his eyes would grow BIG with each strum played. If he ever was occupied with a toy and a melody would come on?…he would drop whatever he was doing to shimmy along till it was over. He still is completely captivated and now it’s only grown more exciting as he recognizes certain songs and has “favorites.” Music is something that has completely captured him which led me to an idea to want to capture that wonderful quality in a way that he could keep forever.


The idea came when we were having probably our worst go around with illness. I think it was a day where we ALL were under the weather for various reasons (on Hans + I’s 3rd Anniversary nonetheless.) It’s no secret we have been no stranger to doctor this last year, but this day in-particular I think I was at ER that morning with a lung condition and Hans ended up having to go to the ER that same night because of a kidney stone. On TOP of it, our little boy was ill and on nebulizer + inhaler treatments. I know. It was to an absurd degree how everything over the last year was playing out for us health wise and I was DONE.

…yet determined to see the Lords goodness and in what He was creating this time to be for my family that it sparked a thought…of how I can’t change the illness, but I can change the environment in which my heart reacts to it. I didn’t want this time to be remembered for its yucky-ness or even how rightfully awful it may appear on the outside. It’s been difficult. I won’t lie. Especially seeing our little boy so sick all the time, but what I wanted for our son more than anything was to be comforted among the difficulty. In a way that his heart felt pursued and drawn in with the comfort of his true Father’s Word’s over him. And do it in a medium his heart has understood from the start….music.

So thanks to a very kind friend that has access recording capabilities… we recorded Ramsey his very own CD. A collection of four hymns we hand picked of what we would want Ramsey to know about his Lord Jesus. So he can listen to the truths of God’s Word in the comfort of his Mama + Dada’s voice forever to keep for whenever he needs.

Our hope and prayer is that this stirs worship not only in his young heart now, but also as he continues grow older.

We love you forever, sweet boy.

-Your Mama & Dada


Healthy Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

This past weekend we went to a strawberry farm and picked some of the most scrumptious strawberries you have ever seen in your life.

Ramsey loved every second of it and was so proud, carefully putting each strawberry into our bucket {with mandatory clapping after of course πŸ˜‚}

We were insanely sore the next day and may not have a future in agriculture at all, but it did drum up a jam recipe that is SO GOOD. And the eating part we can handle. πŸ˜‰

(This place was so family friendly with a food truck on site, inflatables, and games for the family definitely recommend it if your looking for something unique to do with your family. Going early morning is best to ☺️}

Ramsey was working mightly hard to catch the attention of the food truck workers to say “hi,” once they noticed-he was beside himself. πŸ™‚

laurels+flowers_0007_Vector Smart Object


  • 1 pound of strawberries
  • 4-5 tsp of honey
  • 2 tsp. of flax seeds
  • 2 tsp. of chia seeds
  1. Blend the strawberries in the blender + add to a medium saucepan with low heat
  2. add your honey and flax seeds
  3. bring to a small boil (once see one or two bubbles rise to surface); add chia seeds and stir 1 minute
  4. take off heat + put jam into a jar
  5. let the jam sit overnight in fridge

The chia seeds will act as the “gel” to make the consistency of the jam + add lots of nutrients and omegas along with the flax seed. (warning: must use chia seeds, no other seed will serve as a substitute.)

recipe modified from

Mother’s Day + Gift Ideas to Bestow Honor

I am a person who LOVES celebrations of all kinds. Birthdays, anniversaries, first day of fall….really anything that helps the everyday feel special and the people you love most feel special to be the absolute best thing on the planet. Ever since becoming a Mom, however, there is just something about Mother’s Day that shines forth from the rest.

So let me start by saying…all you Mom’s out there- You are complete and total SUPERHEROES. (And trust me if your husband is anything like mine, he and the rest of the world would agree.) The selflessness, dedication, and care (both the things noticed and especially the things for things that go unnoticed) that you put into your families well-being pretty much puts you at rock-star status that cannot ever be compared.
It wasn’t until becoming a Mom that I truly understood all the work that is involved and my respect for my own Mother now daily soars through the roof as I chase my toddler. So, needless to say, that alone makes this holiday one that is pretty much neck-neck with Christmas in my book.

But the question still remains…how do you properly bestow honor and appreciation for the Mother who isn’t that “into” gifts… Below are 10 ideas will hopefully help bring some inspiration and make planning what to do this Mother’s Day a little brighter.


  1. cut out the letters “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” to tape to a wall or the inside of the garage + surrounded it with pictures of you and your siblings growing up over the years. {We did this on the garage wall for my Mom so when we came home from some errands she would be greeted by the surprise pulling. She LOVED it. In fact, it’s still hanging 8+ years later.πŸ˜‚}
  2. take her out for a girl’s day + get her hair done {pamper her up!}
  3. take her to you your local farmer’s market or an orchard nearby for fruit picking + have a picnic with all the family {and grand-kids, if there are any yet πŸ˜‰}
  4. take professional family photos together {it’s rare my Mom ever steps foot in front of a camera, but a friend encouraged me that’s in the end it’s the pictures with her that you will treasure the most. ☺️}
  5. find out what she “least likes to do” around the house and offer to do it for her and/or pay for a service to come in and do it regularly.
  6. SURPRISE HER! With a girl’s trip/family trip to a nearby city.
  7. take her to brunch and per-arrange with the restaurant to have flowers and letters of thankfulness from her children on the table upon arrival.
  8. take a cooking class together. {this will be such a fun activity that will enable you to spend more quality time together beyond Mother’s Day πŸ™Œ}
  9. take her to an Escape Room {We did this and it was SO much fun. We all can’t remember the last time we laughed so much together!}
  10. Lastly, for the Mom who is far away-spontaneously show up at her doorstep. It will mean the world. Trust me.

In the end, the biggest thing you can do for your Mom is to make sure she knows that she is oh so loved + appreciated. So give her a hug and tell her that you’d be lost without her!

My sister {Kayla}, me, and our dear, ROCKSTAR of a Momma


{If you have any other unique Mother’s Day ideas please share! Let’s keep the creative juices flowing…}




Family Dates + Ice-Cream

Recently, things have been a little nutty. (Okay, longer than recently 😜). Hans had just recovered from having surgery with a kidney stone that decided to make its home in his body for 3 MONTHS 😩 on top of trying to get a wheeze all cleared up in Ramsey’s lungs.

So needless to say we were all pretty excited to ALL be healthy and have a little time just the three of us ☺️ There is just something so recharging about enjoying the Spring air with the people you love most, isn’t there? A date complete with riding an electric stationary car + Rams trying ice-cream for the first time was on our agenda.

Self admittedly, we have totally been the stereotypical first time parents that have made all of Ramsey’s food…every.last.puree’. 🀣 And fast food? Never let him touch the stuff. {I’m sure that idiosyncrasy is probably going to be stretched with more babies in the future because holy cow the prep work involved.} So we thought that “tonight is the night! He is going to have sugar and love it and be a face full of ice-cream and it will all be SOOO FUNNY and great!” Hans and I may or may not have even spent the day emailing each other back and forth about it.

Then comes what actually happened…he was less than thrilled. He did somewhat warmed up to it by the end, but overall was much more into watching the people passing us by. πŸ˜‚ Nonetheless, the night was perfect. Not because it lived up to expectation {did I mention we almost didn’t even get the ice-cream because the shop’s water line broke?} But, because I got to take it all in stride with them. What a privilege they are and what a sweet night it ended up to be. {pun intendedπŸ˜‰}



{if you have any other fun family dates ideas, comment below! πŸ‘‡πŸ» We are compiling a list of ideas done on a budget. Would love to hear yours! ☺️}


Our Labor Letters To Ramsey

Labor was just the beginning and here are our letters we wrote for ours.


Brittany Elizabeth,

God is bigger than your labor.

I don’t say that to make your labor less than it is; not even close. But what we might usually say, things like “God uses suffering to make us more like Himself,” or even that “Jesus suffered, too,” may not actually bring comfort. They are true, certainly, but they do not take away what you are enduring.

When I say that God is bigger than your labor, I mean that His purposes in it are far greater than you can possibly ever begin to fathom. He has, in His infinite wisdom, chosen you from before the foundation of the world to bear Ramsey into it. You. Not someone else. We aren’t going to be meeting Ramsey on the street someday with a completely different set of parents. No. You are his mother. You are the women chosen to endure this labor, to have carried him for ten months, to be the first to hold him close, all for God’s glorious purposes.

What those are, I can’t say. I can only hope, and pray, that His purposes are to redeem our Ramsey, to save his soul and draw Ramsey to Himself, that we might call him our brother. No matter what, however, the God of the universe has intervened in time to use you in bringing Ramsey into the world.

What an absolutely marvelous privilege.

Not only that, sweetheart, but He has taken something cursed by sin, childbirth itself, and redeemed it. Every second of your labor aids in Ramsey’s birth, aids in his development, aids in bonding the two of you closer together. These are the thoughts that should spur you forward, that with every contraction, every push, every bead of sweat or sharp pain, you are faithfully obeying the Lord as He has called you, and even in this moment taking such wonderful care of your son. For that, I am grateful to you beyond measure.

What a gift it is to have gotten to walk alongside you in this. We’re still pups, barely scraping our 30s. and I know that we will look back on Ramsey’s birth as such a pivotal, defining moment in our marriage and in our family. From here, we begin to take faithful steps forward in what God is doing in our lives. If you had asked me when we got married what it all would have come together like, I never would have been able to imagine this.

God is bigger than your labor, He is bigger than our marriage, than our family, than all things. And for that we can rejoice, to know that in enduring through this momentary pain an eternal glory beyond comparison awaits, where with perfected hearts we can see clearly what God was and is and always will be doing.

I am so proud of you. I love you.

You’re my hero, Brittany.


Ramsey Sinclair,

It’s here.


The moment you’re Daddy and I have spent 9 months dreaming, learning, and preparing for is right now. Soon, (very soon!) every memory, joy, and challenge that has led us to being your parents will be surpassed exponentially by the gaze of your sweet face. The wonder and utter astonishment you have provided your Daddy and I is hard to express in words. It’s strange to believe that for almost a year of my life I have gotten to spend my days having known yours by only one way and here very soon all that will change as your Daddy and I will get to experience the rich culmination of your arrival as it’s made complete to us by sight. That what started with you being known solely inside of me will end with you being known even more intimately by us both

You are our touchable expression of understanding our Savior’s gospel in ways we couldn’t have known by any other means before. What a privilege it is to be chosen to labor for you, Ramsey Sinclair. It’s an intimacy our God has chosen specifically only my heart to know and if there is one thought I want to remember right now in this moment it’s that: just as I was designed to carry you, I have been uniquely designed just as much to bring you here and it’s worth it. You are worth every tear shed, every intense pain my body undergoes, and every prayer cried out to our Lord because the the joy of your coming far outweighs it all.

We cannot wait you to be here. You’re Daddy has been so diligent in prayer and his care to us. He would even wake up early each morning to make us breakfast and would spend his evenings reading books preparing his heart for being your father. He is so attentive to us and has loved us well through this pregnancy. In fact, he so lovingly is probably reading this to me now, rubbing my back, and telling me how great of a job I have been doing. He is the best encourager that way and if there is one thing I want you to know about him it’s that with him leading and protecting us, we are safe and led strong under his care. There will not be a thing to big he will not lay down his life for to uphold his call as husband and father to us and there will be no emotion you feel he will ever be to busy to hear and hold in the highest esteem to care for. And soon…I will get to see you held by him.

Thank you for changing our world’s entirely. Every bit of it is worth it getting to become your Mama. We’ll be seeing you soon, my little love.


photography by The Montoya Collective